Celebrating Dads: They Are Not Elusive Unicorns!

Last week I wrote about celebrating dads in my life by focusing on my own father. This week turns to a celebration of my husband, Alex, and numerous other men in my life who themselves have stepped into fatherhood with courage, commitment and gratitude. These men are not elusive unicorns!

Celebrating dads: a picture of the author’s husband and their son on a boat on a lake.
Photo Credits: Carrie Baquie

For one, Alex is a truly amazing dad. He shows up for our three kids every day in ways big and small. Small ways include his habit of checking in with the kids first thing when he arrives home from a long day at work. Big ways look like the road trip we are currently on. The kids and I are going to spend the month of July in Maine with family while Alex continues to work from home. However, I am still not driving long distances. So the past two days he’s been driving us to Maine from Maryland. He will fly home tomorrow, then fly back at the end of the month to pick us up. Gratefully, he’ll spend a few days on the back end to relax and play with us.

Then there are the middlin’ ways that Alex steps up to the plate. It’s how he consistently shares the daily parenting with me; carpooling, laundry, and household chores. I am so blessed to have a true parenting partner in Alex.

A father walking through the fields carrying two children with the third running in front.
photo Credits: Juliane Liebermann

And as I look around, there is more to celebrating dads. I am incredibly impressed to see in so many of my male friends with these same attributes of love, commitment and generosity. James, Todd, Eric, Pete, Brendan, Scott and Bill, to name a few, don’tt just pull their weight. Rather, I see them fully embracing and cherishing their roles as fathers. How lucky their kids are! We need these kinds of men to set examples of kindness, strength, compassion and dedication.

These are just a few more reasons why I am celebrating dads today and everyday. Thank you to my dad, Alex and so many more for your shining examples! 

A father sitting next to smiling son  with a soccer ball.
Photo Credits: Sebastian Leon Prado

While I’ve spent a lot of time gushing about these men, I am no naive fool. I understand, as I wrote last week, that fatherly relationships are complicated. I also recognize that we are all flawed in some ways. However, the blessings I celebrate are the way that these men’s positive attributes far outweigh their flaws. They know, too, they are flawed. And I see them striving to overcome and persist through these weaknesses to offer their kids the best.

So, here’s hoping you find such positive father figures in your life striving for the same.

May it be so! 

Authors signature, Love & Light, Carrie

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